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Viaport Outlet Shopping

We have opened our doors to the visitors in August 2008 and we continue to work at an intensive tempo in order to provide the best service ever since. We are the largest outlet concept shopping mall of Turkey. Our rentable store area is 69 thousand m2. We have 188 stores and a car park with 4500 vehicle capacity in total.

We are an open-air concept shopping mall; we have streets, squares, green areas, even a large pond in which ducks swim. Peacocks, pigeons, and rabbits are our other friends living near our pond. They live happily in the greenery surrounded by reeds accompanied by the love of our visitors. But they love children the most.

We have a large entertainment center in the foreground of our shopping center which both adults and kids take a great interest in. The heat is always on; laughter and joy always take the lead. 24 entertainment units in total are colorful, energetic, alive and kicking.
Our streets feel like a Mediterranean town. Olive trees and seasonal flowers are everywhere along the way. Our store displays shine brightly. Our squares are full of action; carnivals, acrobatic shows. We also have a Covered Turkish Bazaar: Bedesten; a miniature of the Grand Bazaar. Especially the dome, treated by state artists in 3 months, is a true piece of handicraft. A popular hangout of all Via Port visitors with its acoustic structure and its monumental look.

Walking around the Via Port streets in high spirits exhausts you and you may take a rest in stylish restaurants and café houses. Most of them are right next to the pond. It’s a beautiful setting and a perfect service is right there. Every single detail of the social life finely touches Via Port. In addition to food and drinking spots, the Cineplex featuring 10 state-of-the-art technology theaters and the bowling alley open the doors of totally different worlds.

Via Port is not just a shopping mall, it is a living center to the core. Incorporating the international five-star chain hotel Crowne Plaza Ä°stanbul Asia and the luxury housing project Via Port Houses & Suites in the same complex, you may live your whole life in peace in Via Port. You may plan your days with ease while everything you need is a just a walk away.

We have received many awards so far. We are awarded the ‘Best Outlet Shopping Mall of the Year” in 2009 by AMPD, and chosen as the ‘best outlet of the year’ in both 2009 and 2010 by the newspaper Hürriyet. Our Chairman of the Board Mr. Coşkun Bayraktar is awarded the ‘entrepreneur of the year’ by the magazine Ekonomist for his Via Port project. Via Port İstanbul Asia is chosen the ‘Best 3rd Property Investment of Turkey’ in 2012 by the magazine Capital.